About Me

Although award winning author Sue Wentz is a native of the Philadelphia suburbs, she’s become gently assimilated into the small town Wisconsin lifestyle. When not working, reading, or writing, Sue’s interests include horseback riding, drinking coffee, and fighting dragons. Well, she doesn’t particularly enjoy fighting dragons, but she’s still pretty good at it.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Although you wrote this a while ago, it touches me just as much now as ever. I feel just like you do. Thanks again for all your inspiration.

  2. Hi Sue,

    I just wanted to say hello. I was going through my old Pern personae sheets and rereading some of the Lakesedge e-zines, and it got me thinking about y’all and what you are up to.

    I hope all is well.

    ~AJ Kleipass

    • pfrsue

      Whoa and WOW! (I deserve a thousand lashes for not seeing this earlier.)

      Hiya AJ!!!!! It’s great to “see” you again! I really miss the Lakesedge days..and sadly, I think I’ve lost most of the e-zines over the years amid all the computer crashes and upgrades. You’re lucky to still have copies.

      I sure hope all is well with you too, and I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to. 🙂 Please keep in touch!


  3. Michael Schwerman

    I saw your article in today’s Baraboo News. It states that your book Shake can be found on Amazon.com… Not really seeing it on the website.. Can you help me find it..? Thanks, Michael

    • Sue

      Hi Michael, and thank you for your interest! “Shake” is a short story, and isn’t available on Amazon. (It may be published online at a later date, but I’m not sure where yet.) My other work, “The Bluff” – women’s fiction/literary, “Servant To The Wolf” – Young Adult, and “Cassidy Creek Bridge“-short story, are all currently available on Amazon.

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