A Beginning

While this isn’t the first blog I’ve ever started, this is where I intend to hang my metaphorical hat for a while. So come on in, let me take your coat, have a seat right over here. Coffee? No? Sure? Okay.

While my “About” page (renamed Genesis) tells a partial story of my writing life, it doesn’t really say much about who I am today. Allow me to rectify that.

Call me  Sue. I’m a forty-something single mom in a household which contains (besides yours truly) two wing-fluttering teens and a geriatric greyhound. I work full time in a non-writing job, and I’m also plugging along toward an associate’s degree in another non-writing field.

But make no mistake, I am a writer. My first book, a literary novella called, The Bluff was published by Cross+Roads Press in 2003. I’ve had my share of success with short stories and contests too. And recently I was offered a contract by Quake Books for my Young Adult novel, Servant To The Wolf.

I’m a busy bunny, am I not?

In any case, I sincerely invite you to stick along for the ride as I move toward the world of publication once more, hack away at the works-in-progress, ramble about writing in general and maybe even invite a few other friends in to share their own wisdom and experience. Stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping in!


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